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Farm Screws
Farm Screws are specific designs of fasteners commonly used throughout Europe for the construction of residential and agricultural facade. These fasteners are designed with a reduced drill point for penetration into timber structures, and it can be used for sheet-to-sheet stitching applications too. Improvements have been made to some of the critical design components of a farm screw to bring you a better product. TAPPERMAN® Farm Screws will drill more effectively into steel profiles with our LEVIN® Drill Point, and coupled with our Harpoon Thread™, the securement into substrate has also been improved.

Colour matching the farm screws to the colour of your tile profile choice is also an option with TAPPERMAN® Farm Screws. We only use premium powder coating technology on our fully automatic powder coating line to provide you with that perfect match to your facade colours. Our production innovation makes colour coating very consistent. No more uneven colours, no more pre-mature colour fading, no more paint striping problems during the installation. TAPPERMAN® Farm Screws, it will last as long as your building.
Head Type
Hex Washer Head (HWH)
Drive Type
Hexagonal, 8mm
Point Type
LEVIN® Reduced Drill Point
Available Diameter
M4.8 (#10), M5.5 (#12) & M6.3 (#14)
Head Painting Options

Tools & Accessories

CORROSHIELD® Cordless Screwdriver (ASK18DVB)
CORROSHIELD® Hi-Torque Magnetic Hex Socket
Hex Washer Flange without Head Painting
Hex Washer Flange with Head Painting