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Introduction to Engineering Edge
Engineering Edge (SINGAPORE) Pte Ltd is a leading manufacturer of Oil & Gas, Construction and Industrial fasteners. With production, research and development experience since 1989, we have established our CORROSHIELD®,DYNO® and TAPPERMAN® branding as the premium fastening choice. Our reputation is built on quality and knowledge, and we have collaborated with several clients on extensive research and development to develop unique fastening solutions that far exceed conventional designs.

Our ISO certified manufacturing facilities are located in Taiwan, China and Singapore, and we equipped with modern machineries and high-end quality control equipment to churn out one of the finest fasteners in the world.

Our global customers will receive sales and technical support from our team of engineers and authorized distributors located in more than 20 countries around the world. We provide expert consultation to architects, consultants and engineers on fastening solutions on project basis. We also provide fastening application versus cost evaluation and corrective proposal to manufacturing industries.

Our business motto: “Creating an Edge” is reflective of our attitude towards our customers as well. We aim to provide our customers with fastening solutions that gives them an edge over their competition.
The Engineering Edge Group
Head Office
Engineering Edge (Singapore) Private Limited
Regional Offices
  CORROSHIELD China Jinjiang, China
  CORROSHIELD Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  CORROSHIELD Middle East Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  CORROSHIELD Romania Pitesti, Romania
Our Manufacturing Facilities
  JSE Cold Forging Plant 1 Kaohsiung, Taiwan
  CC Cold Forging Plant 2 Kaohsiung, Taiwan
  YCL Surface Treatment Plant Kaohsiung, Taiwan
  ST Machine Fabrication Plant Taizhong, Taiwan
  ST Machine & Tooling Fabrication Plant Jinjiang, China
  JZS Fastener Manufacturing Facility Jinjiang, China
  EESG Oil & Gas Manufacturing Plant Singapore